Sports for All Projects

Sport initiatives for underprivileged children

One of GoFo flagship initiatives is to provide opportunities for underprivileged children to access the best of sports. GoFo partnered with All India sports players welfare association (AISPWA) and conducted a 10 day free professional football camp. AISPWA is led by Mr. Moses Raj who is leading coach in Tamil Nadu with many of his students currently playing in national leagues across the country. GoFo and AISPWA brought in professional players, coaches, leading referees and football officials to the camp to teach, encourage and motivate the kids.  The specialty of the camp is that it catered to children as young as 5 years old, free medical assistance was available all through the training sessions, breakfast consisting of bread, banana and milk was provided after the training.

The football camp opened doors of hope and opportunities for the underprivileged children. They received world class coaching, tips and advice from professional coaches, referees and current national league football players. The coaching format included basic training, real time demonstrations, rigorous practice sessions and theory class along with Q&A sessions to help them study football in its entirety.

GoFo brought in national level celebrity players to inspire the kids;

Day 5: Jeri – I league – FC Kerala:

Football is round just as the world is round, It’s a small place. Coaches are important, listen to them get their guidance and football can take anywhere around the globe

Day 6: Nandha Kumar – ISL – Delhi Dynamos:

I always dreamt to be a football player. But due to our background my parents would say Football cannot serve us, but I pursued, I was constantly waiting for my opportunity and it eventually came. With hard work, perseverance, focus and passion you can achieve great things in football.

Day 7: Edwin- I league – Chennai city FC (Soon to be drafted into ISL):

I’m envious of you kids, when I grew up I never had a chance to attend a free professional training camp like this. Be honest with yourself; don’t be distracted only discipline can take you to higher levels. The coaches here are very experienced Use this football camp to the maximum and get the most out of it

Day 8: Pandi – ISL – Chennayin FC:

I’m also from a similar background as you are. Hard work and willingness to go the extra mile is what helped me rise up to the level I’m currently in. Take the extra effort it will do wonders.

Girls from the immaculate Girls higher sec school also attended the camp and played a practice match. They proved that sports can be a dream for anyone regardless of family background or gender

Dr. Arvind, a leading fitness coach from Spaarc Institute (A leading sports medicine center) conducted a fitness session and stressed on the importance of muscle fitness.

On the final day a leading football juggler Mr. Amal Raj performed a special juggling performance for the children

Overall in the 10 days the children had a holistic experience through the camp and left with both professional practice and a heart full of inspiration and hope for a better tomorrow.

Sports for Slums

Goodness foundation partners with sports organization and likeminded people who conduct Football camps or sports camps for poor/slum children. We help in raising funds for these camps. A minimum of 50 children attend this camp.

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