Food42 Projects

Zero Hunger


Campaigning for one of the most basic human need – food. Distributing food to the homeless people living out on the streets as an initiative to eradicate hunger.

Zero Hunger day

Encouraging schools and colleges to collect and distribute food among the needy to create a hunger free nation.

Celebrate With Us

Celebrate your special days – Birthdays / Anniversaries / Wedding days – with Goodness, by providing meal for the hungry.

Food Drive

Preparing a meal and distributing it to the hungry on the roadsides, in various locations simultaneously

Food 42 Campaign

Did you know?
  • Every second a human dies of hunger
  • More than 190 million people go to bed hungry at night in India
  • 3000 children die of India die daily due to poor diet related illness.
  • India has a serious hunger problem and is ranked 100 out 119 countries on the global hunger index (Source: The Hindu)

Feed The Hunger!

Food 42 – “FEED THE HUNGER” awareness campaign is an initiative by Goodness Foundation (GoFo). The objective of Food 42 is to raise awareness among the public on the severity of hunger problem still prevalent in India. GoFo envisions that by 2028 India should be free of the hunger problem.

The #Food 42 platform engages anyone and everyone to support or lead the initiative in their own locations, reach out to under privileged people in hunger based on their capacity and feed at least 2 people.

“This initiative is the first of many steps to defeat hunger” – GoFo Team.

GoFo started this campaign on May 26. On this day alone almost 500 people in hunger have been fed. On May 28 GoFo commemorated the “World Hunger Day”.

GoFo has also enlisted Ms Kuhasini (Actor, Model and Lyricist) to be the brand ambassador for this campaign. She inaugurated the campaign by feeding under privileged children. She also enthusiastically supports the campaign through various media outlets.

The campaign ends on June 10 with a Food 42 Conference

Media Coverage

Food 42 conference

GoFo is organising a Food 42 conference. This is a platform to celebrate and promote Food – Charity NGO’s who have done exploits to defeat hunger in the city of Chennai and it is also a place for collaboration with the food industry who can join hands with the NGO’s and take a social responsibility to feed the hunger in their own capacity.

The conference agenda also includes a session of interaction which would highlight best practices in the food industry and sustainable ideas to turn this campaign into a major movement.

The following are expected to attend the conference:

Food – Charity – NGO’s:

  • Food Bank
  • No Food Waste
  • Ayyamittu Unn (Community Fridge)
  • Feed of love
  • Meals on Wheels

Food Industry:

  • Bhuhari
  • Hyderabad Biryani
  • Star Biryani

Media partners:

  • Cauvery News
  • FX 16
  • Yes 1

Food 42

Campaigning for one of the most basic human needs – food. Distributing food to the homeless people living out on the streets as an initiative to eradicate hunger.

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