COVID-19 Relief Response

The Covid19 lockdown is not the same for everyone. While some of us are able to stay home with our laptops and continue on with our lives, a large population of our country cannot afford to do so. They are the daily wagers, migrant workers, maids, construction workers, delivery services and other vulnerable communities such as Irulars and Narikuravars, who are dependent on each day’s labor to feed their families. Goodness Foundation (GoFo) has been working tirelessly, partnering with the Greater Chennai Corporation and other NGOs to identify these pockets of vulnerable communities and provide them with the means to survive this Covid19 lockdown. 

In the initial stages of the Corona Virus outbreak, GoFo provided Facemasks for hundreds of individuals in the shelter homes, along with Soaps and Hand Sanitizers to keep them safe from the Covid19 infection. We have also supported the Police, who are continuously working, with Facemasks to protect them from possible infection.

Once the lockdown was mandated, the Hunger crisis began. With no money saved up to support them during the lockdown, these people had to fight both the pandemic and hunger. GoFo has always been striving to create a Zero Hunger nation, and the need has never been greater than it is right now. 

Phase 1:

In the Phase 1 of our relief measures, 250 families have been provided with a Family Meal Package which consists of dry ration items like rice, sugar, rava, wheat, oil, tamarind, masala etc…

Thirumulaivoyal / Narikuravar community:

Narikuravars are a semi-nomadic tribe in Tamil Nadu, who are constantly on the move due to the nature of their work and depend solely on their meager daily wages for everyday expenses. Their traveling makes it hard for them to avail a Family Card, which would help them get their monthly ration. With no Family Card to rely on and no daily wages to depend on, the entire community is at a standstill because of the Covid19 lockdown. We were able to distribute dry ration kits in a Narikuravar community in Thirumulaivoyal.

Ayapakkam, Ambattur:

With their daily jobs on hold and their income non-existent, a group of women from Ayapakkam, most of them widows nonetheless have put their hope on the goodness of fellow humans – you, me and all of us, to share their burden and elevate their plight. GoFo was able to distribute Family Meal Packages to  them, giving them hope in this time of a national crisis. 

Slum near Chennai Central:

Along with crammed spaces and unhygienic living conditions, the daily wagers and migrant workers living in the slum opposite the Central Railway Station, Chennai, have been struggling for food too, due to the Covid19 lockdown. It is one of the largest slums in India, with 2600 families comprising 19,000 migrants from rural areas who had moved here due to drought. The men mostly work as daily wagers on construction sites while the women work as house maids. GoFo has distributed Family Meal Packages that would help them stay hunger free for at least a couple of weeks. 

Kamarajapuram, Ambattur:

The daily wagers and migrant workers in Kamarajapuram, Ambattur are having a tough time making ends meet due to the Covid19 lockdown, and hunger is at the top of the list. Most of them work as maids and are the only bread winners of the family. Two of them met with a major accident which severely injured their leg and left them with no ability to continue their work. GoFo has provided them with Family Meal Packages that would help them stay hunger free for at least a couple of weeks.


The people of the slums in and around Vepery have been assured of their next meals for at least a couple of weeks. Several families in Vyasarpadi, KM Garden, Kosapet, Pattalam, Aduthotti, Ayanavaram, Purasaivakkam , Sastrinagar were also given Family Meal Packages. 

Phase 2:

With the lockdown being extended due to the uncontrollable spread of Covid19, the hunger crisis began to affect more people than before. With the generous contribution of our donors and our brave volunteers we were able to provide Family Meal Packages to 268 families in Phase 2 of our relief measures.

Kannagi Nagar:

In Kannagi Nagar, along with the councillor and Mr.Ebenezer Sudhaharan (Goodness volunteer), we were able to help 22 families who used to work as sweepers and maids before the lockdown. It was heart-warming to see the relief on their faces, especially the widows and the elderly, who had no one else to depend on. 

Indira Nagar, Ambattur:

A two-parent healthy home is a rare finding in the slums of Ambattur such as Indira Nagar, Kalyanapuram, Thiruvallur Nagar and Kallikuppam road. These children are taken care of either by their grandparents or one of their parents. Most of them are daily wagers – Coolies, Fish, Flower and Vegetable vendors, Masons, Maids and Tailors. Medical ailments have compromised the livelihood for some and rendered them unemployed. Mr.Joe Apollos identified these families in need and we were able to support 25 families here. 

Thirumangalam Kandigai / Arunthathiyar community:

The people of the Arunthathiyar community are commonly referred to as Thoti and Chakilias. Their livelihood is primarily scavenging, so one can often find them in wedding feasts and community halls, clearing away the leftover food. The onset of Covid19 has halted all programs and weddings, leaving the community of Arunthathiyar to struggle even for a single meal. This community of Arunthathiyar reside in Thirumangalam Kandigai, most of whom are illiterates. It is a crowded community cramped with small houses. The Inspector of Sunguvarchathram along with Mr.John Stanley who is a member of Goodness Foundation, distributed Family Meal Packages to 80 families of the Arunthathiyar community in Thirumangalam Kandigai, Kanchipuram, which will sustain them for atleast a couple of weeks. 


HIV/AIDS has already taken away their husbands and now the lockdown is threatening them with hunger. The women in these slums are mostly illiterate and feed their children with whatever they can earn doing household work. Because of the lockdown, their jobs are put on hold and their children are hungry without food. We were able to support 25 families with Family Meal Packages. This will help the mothers feed their children for atleast a couple of weeks. These people in need were identified by Mrs.Gracy of Grace Freedom Foundation, who has been working among this community since 2012. 

Irulars / kanchipuram:

The irulars are an indigenous tribe in Tamil Nadu, specializing in skilled snake catching, with an extensive knowledge of traditional herbal medicine. Unfortunately, none of these skills can help them fight the Covid19 pandemic. Currently the Irulars work as daily wagers to make ends meet. GoFo, in partnership with People Builders Trust was able to support the Irular community in Sogandi, Kanchipuram, with Family Meal Packages to sustain them for a couple of weeks through this lockdown. 

Phase 3:

We were able to serve 382 families especially through our partnerships with other NGO’s who were crucial in identifying the communities in dire need of support. 

Uttar Pradesh: 

One of the beneficiaries from Uttar Pradesh, is an elderly man and even at this age, he is working in different shops doing menial jobs. But with lockdown, he ran into deep trouble. “The ration kit is a precious gift, it is only God who has sent you to me”, He said, on receiving the Family Meal Package with gratitude. We partnered with Cephas Foundation and helped 50 families with Family Meal Packages (10 Kg Atta, 5 Kg Potato, 1 Liter Oil, 1 Kg Salt and chilli powder), which would sustain them for atleast a couple of weeks. The target group was identified through local volunteers in different locations of Uttar Pradesh. The beneficiaries included daily laborers, cycle rikshavalas, widows and street vendors. 


We partnered with Red Cross Apostolic Ministries, India and were able to provide Family Meal Packages for several families in 3 villages in Odisha. RCAM volunteers helped in identifying the families in need and also delivered the packages. We thank Power House for sponsoring the Meal Packages. The beneficiaries were families working in Brick klins and daily wagers who were running out of food to eat. Most of them received the ration kits not only with gratitude but tears of joy and relief too.

Projects in the pipeline:

The coronavirus is continuing to spread, causing the need for the lockdown to be persistent. Although people can stay safe at home from the virus, they cannot stay safe from starvation, if these conditions prevail. Which is why, Goodness Foundation has planned ahead for the potential increase in need for essential ration and with the help of our partner organizations, we will be supporting communities in Jharkhand, Odisha and Tamil Nadu.

Our Partner Organizations:

  • Grace Freedom Foundation
  • People Builders Trust
  • Cephas Foundation
  • Power House
  • Shubh Sandesh Foundation
  • Red Cross Apostles Ministries
  • Interact Club SBMHSS

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