10 Years of Restoring Hope

Our Vision

Our Vision is to reach out and assist the under privileged people, communities and societies. Revive the fire of hope, renew confidence, Restore what was lost and Raise a generation of people who can make this world a better place.


Our goal is to financially assist the education of under privileged children. We ensure that the assistance provided meets every need of the child which includes Tuition fee, Sports, Boarding, Co-Curricular activities and any others needed for the wholesome development and well being of the child.


To implement community development projects that would empower the communities to voice out their concerns and unite the community to build and develop smart and sustainable living conditions. Reach out to disadvantaged and empower their livelihood. And reach out to people rejected by the society and empower them for a better tomorrow.


Our future goals is to develop, build and establish Community centres, Health centres and Education centres to counsel, educate and empower the under privileged to transform a generation that passes on the baton of goodness to the future generation.

About Us

Who we are:

We are here not for income, but for outcome

We are a bunch of like-minded working professionals, who bring the possibilities to spread Goodness that enriches lives and embosses a bright future.


Providing holistic education to the under privileged children is our core priority.

We sponsor the education of under privileged children who are personally identified by our team

Our assistance covers the fee for Tuition, Boarding, Sports and Co-Curricular activities.

We aim to provide a holistic package to the children. We cover all aspects of their education and ensure that they complete their schooling and College regardless of their social or economic condition.

Relief Programs

Identify those in need of relief measures, consolidate the resources and timely delivery to the target community during natural calamities.

Life Saver Kit

To Provide provisions /ration kit and other essentials to affected as first phase

Project Restore

Restoring families affected by the COVID lockdown to set up sustainable small businesses

Project Home

Rebuilding homes for those who lost their homes to natural disasters like the flood and cyclone.

Join hands with us!

To extend support to more children and communities.


Projects can adopted and solely owned as their project.

Goodness Leadership Program

Mentor and guide students of today into good leaders of tomorrow.

Life Skills Sports Coaching

Using sports as a medium to demonstrate and teach important life skills.

Women Self Help Group

To Provide training to women to run small business which can sustain their livelihood and also help initiate business with investments, etc..

Goodness Club

Teach children values and instil goodness in them at a young age.

Corporate Cares

Employees from company sponsor school needs, meal and spent a day with our children.


Sponsors Speak